Obsessed: Synth-Pop Chanteuse VÉRITÉ

I was just scrolling through my iTunes music and noticed that in the last year or so, many of the albums I’ve added to my collection are from female singers, songwriters and bands. (And I’m not talking Pop 40 either, though y’all know Beyonce and Taylor Swift are also on repeat.) BANKS, Betty Who, Jenny Lewis, First Aid Kit, Mr Little Jeans (who is technically a Ms, FYI), Karen O, Sharon Van Etten, the list goes on and I’ve worn them allllllll out. Basically, if my iTunes Most Played is to be believed, the last 12 months have been fucking killer for women in music. The latest bad ass lady to join my ever-growing list? VÉRITÉ. Yes, ALL CAPS, two accents — DEAL WITH IT.

VÉRITÉ is actually 24-year-old Kelsey Byrne. She’s from New York, which I think totally explains why she’s so good at making the kind of melancholy electro-pop that suits this city’s grimy, chilly beauty this time of year. VÉRITÉ reminds me of Robyn or Betty Who, but after a draining a flask of whiskey and opting to stay in and dance in her underwear instead of heading to the clubs. She’s got musical roots too — her father was a musician and she grew up playing in bands when she was as young as 8, even fronting a punk band in her teens. So she was basically a pro by the time her single “Strange Enough” catapulted to the top of HypeMachine’s charts and seduced the music blogosphere. Her EP, Echo, features that song, the sublimely sweet and upbeat “Weekend,” and two more tracks that show her range, and I have not stopped listening to it for weeeeeeks. Check it out so you can join me in getting hyped for her hopefully upcoming full-length album (pretty please?).

Oh, and I’m so pumped! VÉRITÉ is playing at Women In Music’s holiday party TONIGHT in New York City. The Frisky is one of the sponsors of the event — we’re super down with Women in Music’s commitment to empowering and supporting women in all aspects of the music industry — so I’ll be there trying and probably failing to play it cool. [Soundcloud: VÉRITÉ]