No More Gym Excuses: Meet 77-Year-Old Powerlifting Grandma Willie Murphy

I have not seen the inside of a gym in over four months. I am not proud of this, but martinis and lobster rolls just took priority. Every time I try and motivate myself to get off my ass, I’m drawn into another episode of “The Affair” and refuse to move. And then today I learned about Willie Murphy, a 77-year-old grandmother who could kick my ass.

Consider me on the treadmill by 7 p.m.

Willie began doing track and field events for seniors over the age of 50, and wanted to up her game. She decided to start powerlifting to “have a little edge in life,” and before she knew it she was getting stronger and stronger. “As soon as the gun went off—boom— I’d dust those ladies!” she said. Since then, Willie, who weighs 105 lbs., has been a competitive powerlifter and can deadlift 215 lbs.

“I can shovel my own snow, especially when I’m trying to get my car out of the garage. My grandchildren—I can lift them up without any problem. And best of all, I don’t need any help when I’m carrying my groceries. You see, that’s what it’s about: L-I-F-E. Life.”

In a nutshell, I love Willie. I love her so, so much. Also, I’m scared of her.

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