Getting Safe Condoms On The Shelf Is A Long, Hard Process

Good golly, does it take a lot for a condom to get on the market. According to this infographic from AccessRH, the process for condom factories to apply for pre-qualification from the United Nations Populations Fund and the World Health Organization can take 3-12 months, the ordering process takes another 1-8 weeks, production of condoms takes place after orders are put in and takes another 2-16 weeks, quality testing before shipping takes wo weeks, and shipping can take up to six weeks depending on the destination. Pre-qualification itself is a five-step process. Only 35 percent of the factories that have applied for pre-qualification have passed.

That all could explain why condoms are effective 98 percent of the time if they’re used correctly, and why counterfeit and unapproved condoms are so dangerous. Take a look for all the (not-so) dirty details.

The Story Of The Condom


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