A Supreme Court Case Could Protect Pregnant Workers

  • The Supreme Court is going to hear a case that could result in greater job protections for pregnant women who need leave but don’t have maternity benefits. [NY Times]
  • The Chicago City Council has voted to raise the minimum wage in the city to $13 an hour by 2018. [Salon]
  • Fast Company has joined the list of organizations that have remained willfully ignorant of the sharp and loud criticisms of prominent male “feminist” Charles Clymer. [Salon]
  • Millennials are shirking gender norms, which we kind of already knew, but now there’s a study to back it up. [NPR]
  • “Mean girls” aren’t the biggest problem: A new study shows that adolescent boys use gossip and social exclusion to hurt others more frequently than other demographics of students. [i100]
  • Public schools are increasingly offering single-sex classrooms, citing a (scientifically unpopular) belief that girls and boys learn differently. In practice, they’re entrenching gender stereotypes. [NY Times]
  • If anyone ever tells you you’re too fashion-obsessed, send them this link about how clothes are storytelling tools for our memories. [Explore]