Santa Must Have Heard My Pleas Because We Can Finally Buy Girl Scout Cookies Online

As anyone who loves Girl Scout cookies (so, the entire human race) knows, it can be really hard to get your hands on a box. They’re only for sale for a limited timeframe each year, and you can’t track them down without personally interacting with a Girl Scout. If you don’t have a niece or cousin or daughter in a troop, your only hope is running into one of their pop-up cookie sales at the grocery store or wherever. In a world where most everything money can buy is instantly available, those cookies are still clamored over like the holy grail of consumer desserts. Luckily for us, the annual cookie scramble is about to get a little easier, because the Scouts are finally taking cookie sales online. Scouts can sell cookies via the Digital Cookies program, which provides each girl with her own invitation-only webpage or the option to take in-person orders via a mobile app. The site takes credit cards and ships directly to your home, which makes it super easy for long-distance relatives to support sales. The project will go national in January. Some parents have complained that this removes the in-person sales element of the cookie process, which provides girls a good life skills lesson. That’s a bummer, but just imagine: Girl Scout cookies delivered to your door! [NPR] [Image via Shutterstock]