Hockey Blogger Fired Over Creepy Twitter DMs

  • Hockey blogger Steve Lepore, who has also written for Rolling Stone and Sirius XM, has been fired from at least one of his writing gigs after it was revealed that he has sent creepy Twitter direct messages to at least 20 different women. [The Daily Dot]
  • This morning, Janay Rice appeared on “The Today Show” and spoke with Matt Lauer about the domestic violence incident that put her marriage to the NFL’s Ray Rice in the spotlight. I hope for her sake that she is being truthful when she says that this was the first time he ever hit her and that he truly committed to never doing it again. [TODAY]
  • But here is an important piece for Amanda Marcotte about how Rice’s interview highlights a common reason why domestic violence victims stay with their abusers. [Slate]
  • Robby Soave at the libertarian magazine Reason thinks that the woman profiled in Rolling Stone’s feature on rape at the University of Virginia may be making the whole thing up. Because it’s just that hard to believe campus rape is an actual issue. [Jezebel]
  • This is heartbreaking: a 23-year-old German was murdered after she defended two teenage girls who were being sexually harassed by a group of men at a local McDonald’s. The men followed Tuğçe Albayrak out into the parking lot and allegedly beat her to death with a baseball bat. [Think Progress]
  • Real Social Dynamics is disassociating themselves from pick-up artist (PUA) Julien Blanc’s offensive messages and videos, but they are thus far refusing to fire him. [Raw Story]
  • Conservative pundit — and potential 2016 presidential hopeful — Ben Carson says feminists are partially to blame for Mike Brown’s death and the situation in Ferguson. Say what? [Salon]
  • Leave Sasha and Malia alooooonnnnneeeee! [MSNBC]