City Makes Grinch-Style Demands To Replace “Charlie Brown” Christmas Tree

Residents of Reading, Pennsylvania were horrified when they first laid eyes on the droopy, sparse Christmas tree decorating their downtown square. They claimed it was reminiscent of “Charlie Brown” and a total bummer. To be fair, it is pretty fugly (and it’s topped with a giant pretzel of all things), though I try to remain under the idealistic impression that the holiday season is about more than appearances. After all, the spruce was a last-minute backup after crews from the city’s Downtown Improvement District were unable to cut down the tree they’d originally chosen. For an understudy, it sure is doing its best. That didn’t stop the debate from evolving into a citywide “controversy” that shook the community and ultimately, far corners of this great nation.After endless complaints about its wilted mood-killing ways, the little underdog tree was set to be donated to a local business and replaced by a bigger, brighter tree. Reading’s city council president said his family would pay for the upgrade. He encouraged residents to fund the decorations and then lined up the new tree’s arrival. On Monday, however, he suddenly changed his mind, opting to keep the little Tree That Could in its place. Last week, there had been talk by some residents of holding a rally (seriously) on Monday to convince city leaders to keep the tree in place. Could that have been part of what changed the president’s mind?

No matter what caused the change in events, I have to admit this kind of warms my heart. After hearing of the tree being called pathetic by locals, I wanted nothing more for that underrated tree to be appreciated for doing its best. That’s a little silly on my part, because, well, it’s a tree. This isn’t a person we’re talking about. That said, it makes me smile. The fact that this story made national news just tells me that America loves an underdog story in even its simplest of forms. [UPI; Weather]