Rebecca: 10 Things I’m Thankful For This Year

It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means it’s time to show some gratitude for the blessings in our lives. First up is Rebecca…

This year, I’m thankful for…

1. The Frisky! At this time last year, I was struggling along in a sometimes-30-hours-a-week, $10-an-hour job cleaning up product photos for digital sales flyers. Prior to that, I had been working cutting fruit at Whole Foods. Neither of those are bad jobs, but when you’ve been writing research papers, criticism, theory, and narrative non-fiction for school and for fun for the entire span of your adulthood, they’re not exactly fulfilling jobs. I was unemployed and living on my savings when I started freelancing here, and just about to run out of those savings when I got hired full-time. As a writer, it’s a blessing to find an editorial staff that’s a good fit for your personality, and I got lucky finding an awesome set of editors and coworkers on my first try. Thanks, Amelia, Claire, Katie, and of course, Jessica and Winona!

2. My legs and lungs. I set out to run a marathon on a whim this June, and made it through at better than my goal pace. My body is capable of amazing things!

3. Bey-Z. Without them, I’d never have gotten through monotonous training runs that lasted, at their longest, in excess of five hours. Honorable mention: Janelle Monae.

4. Misogynists. You’ve basically paid my bills this year. Misogynists: The real job creators.

5. Mah booooooooooyfriend. (I mean, duh.) When I wanted to quit my job and travel, he took over the lease for my apartment so that I could travel without having to move all my stuff somewhere. When it didn’t pan out and I had a nervous breakdown, he told me not to get a job right away, just to take some time to take care of my mental health and get my ducks in a row. Without his support, I would have had 10 imes as many obstacles. All of that is just part of the tremendous, seemingly never-ending well of love he has for me. The day-to-day stuff is just as good.

6. Butter. The greatest of all fatty substances.

7. Felix Gonzalez-Torres. I could talk for ages about Felix Gonzalez-Torres, the artist whose artworks and critical theory changed my life back in 2012, and whose worldview I have by and large adopted, for pages and pages. Suffice it to say his work is very precious to me.

8. Danskin leggings. I bought two pairs in January and worn them almost every day, even during the summer. They’ve held up beautifully.

9. My family. It’d take up more than half of a 10-item list to list each of them individually, so I have to include them as a general item. My sister in San Francisco packed up and just moved there without a job or any guarantees last year, and has since made good professionally on her experience in cosmetology, film production, and marketing, and that has been a huge inspiration for me. My sister in Texas has three kids and a husband and a LOT going on all the time, and by making herself a priority and building support networks wherever she goes, she’s been able to create a balanced life for herself. My nephews are too cute for words, and my brother-in-law is hilarious and insightful. My dad and his girlfriend got into an almost-catastrophic motorcycle accident this summer and he managed to retain his good humor throughout his recovery; and I’m happy to see the two of them taking care of each other so well. My mom has been as critical to my mental health this year as my boyfriend: She is a consistent source of support and a shoulder to lean on, full of good advice, and incredibly fun to hang out with. She’s going to break my heart and move to Texas soon. LOVE Y’ALL.

10. Jasmine Tridevil. I WANT TO BELIEVE.

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