Get Motivation From Tough Luv Bun, The Best New Tumblr

Last Friday night I had to sift through my Other inbox on Facebook, and I found out that it had accumulated a few spectacularly short-sighted messages from anti-feminists. I tweeted about a few of them, and then I got this reply from the Twitter user @ToughLuvBun:

@RebeccaVBrink fuck him u r a feminism bae

Uh, “u r a feminism bae*” is pretty much the best compliment ever, to me. In terms of content, phrasing, everything — it’s just glorious. I had no idea why a rabbit was tweeting encouragement at me, so I checked it out. It turns out that that rabbit runs Tough Luv Bun, the best Tumblr maybe ever, featuring a rabbit pep-talking itself (and the reader) in a mirror.

I asked the bunny what was up with the Tumblr via DM. It replied, “My gurlfrands needed some affirmations, so I made a Tumblr. Gonna keep spreading the self-luv.” Simple enough!

The image is originally from the subreddit r/aww, on a post titled “My rabbit does this every day. Not sure what he’s thinking about…” Well, now we know. You can follow Tough Luv Bun on Tumblr and on Twitter. Click through for more of my faves…

[Tough Luv Bun]

* bae = “before anything/anyone else”

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