The End Zone: 7 Times Rob Gronkowski Has Been His Most Rob Gronkowski

The Patriots improbably excellent season just keeps getting better and better. After a rocky start, Tom Brady has more than proven that he hasn’t gotten any less effective with age. But it’s tight end Rob Gronkowski, now back at full strength after knee surgery earlier in the year, who has been having a monster year, both on field and off. Of course, the best part of Rob Gronkowski isn’t really his ability to take it to the end zone – it’s his beer-drinking, lady-loving, party-crashing alter ego on top of it all. Some of Gronk’s finest moments of Gronkness?

1. Telling an ESPN Deportes anchor that his name was ‘Yo Soy Fiesta.’ I mean, he’s not wrong.

2. When he tried to serve Gronk-tinis at his women’s football clinic. No, really, he did:

3. When he channeled his best Vanilla Ice on the sidelines, and it was better than Vanilla Ice:

4. When he danced like this:

5. And then there’s the fact that when he’s playing, he does this:

Bodies aren’t supposed to move like that. At all. Or at least, they’re not supposed to keep moving after landing that way.

6. When he threw Sergio Brown out of the club. Gronk broke his arm because of Sergio Brown two years ago –- and the Colts defensive back wasted no time in letting Gronk know it when they matched up last week. Gronk’s perfectly rational response? Blocking him so far out of the end zone, he threw him over a cart. When asked why he took Brown so far, his answer was perfect Gronk: “He was just yappin’ at me the whole time. So I took him and threw him out of the club.” Oh. Cool.

7. And when his one-handed catch made cool as ice Tom Brady ask him one important question:

Yeah, how the hell did you catch that?!

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