Coming Soon: A Mood Ring That Actually Works!

For those of us who made it past middle school without ceasing to be mystified by the magical powers of mood rings (ahem, me), good news: a Finnish startup is bringing us a Moodmetric ring fitted with a tiny biometric sensor. Soon we can buy a mood ring that is backed by science! That’s surely an upgrade from the mood ring you bought at a gas station in eighth grade that is permanently stuck on some enigmatic blueish-purple hue that apparently means “passionate.” This fancy new ring, which will be the world’s smallest wearable with a bio-sensor, will gauge the wearer’s “emotional voltage” (whatever that means) and will connect to a smartphone app via Bluetooth. The startup’s COO told International Business Times UK, that the ring “measures the small changes in your skin which come from the autonomousnervous system reactions which can tell you about your emotional state.”

The app shows wearers a “mood flower” that illuminates various moods throughout the day. It helps users track their emotional past to look for patterns. It can help wearers learn what makes them tick and see which methods of de-stressing help them most. I mean, people can also just go to therapy to figure that out, but maybe data is easier to confront. Designer Vesa Nilsson is onboard to make sure the ring looks stylish, which certainly won’t hurt in convincing people to buy one. The ring isn’t available yet, but you can find information about pre-orders on Moodmetric’s website. From the looks of it, it does not change colors like the old-school mood rings, but I guess the trade-off is that this ring is actually somewhat accurate. But if your mood shifts and your ring doesn’t change colors, did your mood ever really change at all? [Death + Taxes; International Business Times UK]