Two-Thirds Of Your Family Would Like You To Turn Your Dang Phone Off This Thanksgiving

Normally when I get approached by a brand with a story I could write about I’m like “meh” and just ignore it because a lot of them just want their product plugged, and that’s boring for everyone. However, there are fun ones in the mix, like a small study Eventbrite commissioned about cell phone use at holidays. They posed this statement to participants and asked them if they strongly or somewhat agreed or disagreed: “Checking phones should be banned from special occasions like Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, because it can detract from valuable shared time with family/friends.”

Some of the interesting responses:

  • The people most attached to cell phones are men ages 18-34 — 16 percent strongly disagreed with the statement. By comparison, only 6 percent of women ages 18-34 strongly disagreed. So much for vain, selfie-taking millennial chicks, huh?

  • The people least attached to cell phones were women over the age of 65 – 57 percent strongly agreed with the statement and another 27 percent somewhat agreed with the statement.

  • 66 percent of respondents either somewhat or strongly agreed that checking cell phones should be banned, so, I guess, maybe even if you happen to be very attached to your cell phone, consider the possibility that two-thirds of the other people you’re spending your holidays with would really prefer you didn’t.

  • Apparently 9 percent of people either don’t “do” holidays or don’t “do” cell phones, because they answered “not applicable.” I am so, so jealous of those people, whichever it is that they’ve eliminated from their lives.

In response, Eventbrite launched a web site at that’ll give you some inspiration for TTYL texts to make your friends go “WTF?” and leave you alone for the rest of the day. A few golden examples: “Just found out mom’s stash of oregano isn’t oregano.” “Just watched the Anaconda music video, as a family.” “Dude, PIE.” Amen.

However, I have one very serious question for Eventbrite: What if I need to get updates on my Eventbrite-organized Thanksgiving Day Old School Aerobic Workout event? I mean, come on!

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