Jon Stewart Got All Lovey Dovey On “Colbert”

It’s been interesting watching Jon Stewart do the media rounds to promote his movie, “Rosewater,” after building a long career out of lampooning the American news media. For example, prior to this week, the last time Stewart appeared on CNN was in 2004, when he got the “Crossfire” audience to applaud the idea that “Crossfire” and its pundits were “hurting America” and played a large part in getting the show cancelled. This week, he returned to CNN and, much more mildly, compared the network to the murderous horror movie doll Chucky.

It was also interesting watching “The Daily Show” plug “Rosewater,” especially since a “Daily Show” segment with correspondent Jason Jones and the film’s subject, Maziar Bahari, contributed to the Iranian government’s justification for Bahari’s arrest. But the most charming interview so far is undoubtedly last night’s “Colbert Report,” in which Stewart and Colbert bro’ed it up like to bro-ey bro buddies. (Their love, it is so palpable.) Stewart is one of the last guests on Colbert’s show before he leaves to take over David Letterman’s spot on “The Late Show.” Stewart, meanwhile, has been publicly discussing the possibility of moving on from “The Daily Show,” himself. (Boo!)

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