Beauty Test Drive: Own Day & Night Lip Treatments

Own Beauty is all about is all about healthy products that avoid harsh chemicals and are safe for sensitive skin. Their lip treatments are no different – the line is enriched with Vitamin C and E and offer a gentle avenue for moisturizing. On days when there’s no gloss on my lips, I have a tendency to cover them in Chapstick, and I’m always looking for something simple that makes them look a tad more lifelike than plain balm, so this seemed like a perfect option to try out.
Price: $8 each, online or at Target/Whole Foods

Application: The tubes have nifty rollerballs which are way more fun than a solid chunk of Chapstick. It applies as a clear balm with a very light consistency.

Results: The Day Treatment served as that perfect middle ground between balm and gloss, which I love to use on days when I don’t feel like wearing much make-up but still want to put on a little something. It gives your lips a lush look without extra weight and without any worries about smudging. I tried two flavors (are different types of lip goop considered flavors even though you’re not eating them, or are they just considered scents?), Grapefruit + Pomegranate and Lemon + Cucumber. The former was my favorite, but both are very refreshing and a welcome change from all the overstimulated vanilla- and fruit-flavored stuff I tend to put on my lips.

It doesn’t have much lasting power as far as being visibly noticeable, but my lips still felt hydrated for a few hours after the look faded. It made them look ever so slightly glossy, as you can see from this sorta sketchy/grainy close-up post application:

I’m still not sure I love the Night Treatment. It’s fragrance free, which is a huge breath of fresh air when it comes to makeup, but it seemed to enhance the lines in my lips more than anything, if that makes sense. That look can be great in the right situation, but it almost made me feel like my lips were being demoisturized, or something. It made them feel softer but I wasn’t a huge fan of the overall result. That said, they’re a great option to give your lips a little pick-me-up during the day.

Rating: 4/5