17 Reasons Danny Castellano Is Our Dream Man

“The Mindy Project” features a host of lovable characters, but the most swoon-worthy of all is Danny Castellano. You may not know it yet, but Mindy’s best friend and now boyfriend is the guy of your dreams. A few reasons he’s basically the greatest…

1. He loves his Ma and still visits her for Sunday dinner.

2. He’s proud to embrace his Staten Island roots.

3. He put himself through medical school and applies that same dedicated attitude to other parts of his life.

4. He’ll make a kickass dad someday because he helped raise his little brother.

5. He’s one of those rare arrogant guys whose cockiness is actually charming.

6. He’s incredibly loyal to the people in his life.

7. He has a sexy exercise habit.

8. He has some fierce dance moves which were made even better by his stint as “Diamond Dan” the stripper.

9. He’s been Mindy’s close friend friend for years along with being her boyfriend, and that makes their relationship that much more special.

10. Going through a tough divorce made him get real about his feelings and about what he wants out of future relationships.

11. He’s a Springsteen fan.

12. He impulsively made out with Mindy on an airplane which was so dreamy.

13. He’s a gyno and therefore knows his way around a lady.

14. He ran up the Empire State building for Mindy, which is all kinds of romantic.

15. On that note, he repeatedly helps Mindy live out her rom-com dream scenarios.

16. Despite the tough exterior he tries to hide behind, he’s got a gigantic heart that sits ever-so-close to his sleeve.

17. He gave us this to think about:

“Was he a man? No, I mean like, was he a man? Was this the kind of guy who if you heard glass breaking in the middle of the night is he gonna jump out of bed, say ‘stay here,’ and look through the house naked with a baseball bat, or is he gonna hide under the covers with you? Is this the kind of guy who’s gonna get grossed out when you give birth or is he gonna dry your forehead and tell you you look beautiful while all that disgusting stuff’s coming out of you?”

Keeper status.