Try Bamboo Leggings To Stay Extra Toasty This Winter

I have yet to try out the magic warming powers of fleece leggings, but that’s because I’ve been too busy obsessing over my cozy bamboo-lined pair. Bamboo leggings can probably be found on many corners of the internet, but mine come from a kickass small business called Toast, known for its ultra-warm stadium skirts which were developed on Canadian film sets to keep legs toasty, and they’re quickly becoming my favorite thing in the world.One day last winter, my dad ran into the line’s founder Vivian George (also a musician), in Detroit. Well, that’s how he told it, anyway – I’ll have to take his word for it. She told him all about the skirts and he, ever the worrier, told her all about his daughter who he feared was freezing her ass off living through another New York City winter. That’s when she introduced him to the brand’s bamboo Love You Long Johns, and I’ve been a fan ever since. So now, dear readers, I’m sharing them with you. They’ve already become my best friends this season and it hasn’t even snowed yet! They’re sleek and flexible, so they blend right in with your regular style while still managing to keep your legs at the perfect warm-but-not-hot temperature. They mostly manage to avoid the see-through conundrum that haunts so many fleece leggings, and their longevity makes them beyond worth the price. I’m seriously in love with these things. Get yourself some bamboo this winter! [Image via Shutterstock]