The New John Lewis Christmas Ad Will Melt Your Heart

I was having a rough morning when someone very special to me knew just what would cheer me up: penguins. Every year, UK department store John Lewis releases a new Christmas ad meant to tug on the heartstrings just before the holidays. Over the years, the annual ad has become a spectacle of sorts, with the store holding a screening of the commercial for its staff before a debuting the short at a red carpet premiere event at it’s flagship store in London. This year, £1 million went into making the commercial, with £6 million set aside for promotion…and, in my opinion, it was worth every penny.

This year’s commercial, created by agency Adam&Eve/DDB, is about the relationship between a little boy named Sam and his penguin friend, Monty. As someone with a soft spot for penguins, who also cried throughout the entire narration of “March Of The Penguins,” I was not surprised that I finished watching the ad with watery-eyes and the need to put a real-live penguin on my Christmas list this year. But even for those of you who don’t wish to adopt an army of aquatic birds, I guarantee you the ad will make you smile.

To keep with the theme of Monty the Penguin, John Lewis stores have created “Monty’s Den,” an in-store, Samsung-partnered technology hub that allows kids to bring their favorite toys into the store and bring them “to life” using 3-D imagery. In addition, the department story will carry stuffed versions of Monty the Penguin (and *SPOILER* his companion Mabel, who you meet at the end of the clip), and will feature penguins in their store displays to carry on the theme. And since I don’t know that my landlord will allow a penguin to live with me in my apartment, a precious stuffed penguin will have to do. I’ll take one Mabel and one Monty to go, please.  [Business Insider]

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