Breaking News: Study Finds Dudes Like High Heels

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Brace yourselves, universe: scientific research has found that wearing high heels makes women more attractive to men. Who would’ve thought!? Study author Nicolas Guéguen summarizes his findings by noting, “Women’s shoe heel size exerts a powerful effect on men’s behavior.”

Four studies were conducted to gauge others’ reactions toward women wearing varying heights of black shoes. The experiments were conducted with women wearing flats as well as 2-inch heels and 3.5-inch heels. In the first study, a woman asked men to respond to a survey on gender equality. In the second study, she asked for a response in a survey on food habits. In the third study, she dropped a glove as she walked, pretending not to notice she’d lost it. Both men and women walking behind her were observed to gauge whether they’d alert her of what she’d dropped. It was found that as the length of the woman’s heel increased, the likelihood of men helping them out increased. On the other hand, heel height had no effect on how likely women were to help. Finally, the last study examined how quickly men approached the woman based on her shoe height. Not surprisingly, higher heels made guys hustle over to her faster. It’s worth noting that it was also found that men perceived women in high heels as having more attractive breasts for whatever odd reason.

The research team theorized all kinds of reasons for the heel/help correlation. Some thought the heels caused a change in gait that looked particularly sexy, which I could totally buy. They also considered that maybe the heels changed a guy’s judgment of the woman’s foot size, which, what the hell?! A guy who is fickle based on the size of a woman’s foot isn’t exactly a winner anyway. The researchers also speculated that the heels may have caused “misattribution of sexiness and sexual intent.”

While I think it’s kind of odd to put so much effort into studying a fairly obvious fact like this when we still haven’t cured cancer, we now have more proof that the cliche that men are all about the visual may have some truth to it. If you want to get something accomplished with a member of the opposite sex – grocery shopping, a court date, or just a night out, try adding some heels into the mix to get it done faster! [WhoWhatWearScience Daily]