Watch Don Lemon’s 14-Second Apology For His Stupid Rape Advice

  • Don Lemon gave a 14-second “if you were offended” apology for giving one of Bill Cosby’s alleged victims terrible and unsolicited rape prevention advice. pMediaite]
  • Bill Cosby is far from the only scumbag in Hollywood. [The Daily Beast]
  • The ongoing online war between Anonymous and the KKK is just fantastic to read about. [ZDNet]
  • An Irish judge admonished abortion clinic protesters for invading women’s privacy. [Salon]
  • Nancy Pelosi won’t let pregnant, disabled, minority veteran House representative Tammy Duckworth vote by proxy in leadership elections. [Fortress America]
  • There’s a serial web novel about superheroes with diverse characters that sounds pretty derned interesting. [Black Girl Nerds]
  • Here are 25 misandrist anthems! [Flavorwire]