For International Men’s Day, We Salute Men In The Trenches For Gender Equality!

Today is International Men’s Day. You might be thinking to yourself, Isn’t almost every day Men’s Day? Believe me, I’m wondering the same thing.

I’ll roll with it, though! I’ve made a policy of not making public shows of gratitude to male feminists, because too often those public shows of gratitude make it seem like men are doing women a favor by deigning to acknowledge injustice and believe that we should be their equals. But, for International Men’s Day, I’d like to acknowledge the good work of a few men who are not just saying that they believe in gender equality, but really living the struggle.

So, male feminists, on International Men’s Day, we salute you! Thanks for speaking against the status quo, for taking harassment and abuse alongside the women you work with, for writing serious and nuanced critiques of gender constructs in our culture.

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