Neil DeGrasse Tyson Explains The End Of “Interstellar”

I don’t think this video will spoil much for you, but my text might, so SPOILERS, possibly. In this video Neil DeGrasse Tyson explains some of the more confusing theoretical points of the end of “Interstellar,” specifically regarding the movie’s treatment of the dimension of time. This is a good primer on time as the fourth dimension, so watch it if you’re wondering about that, too!

NDGT’s explanation is basically this: We live in four dimensions, but the fourth dimension, time, is the only one in which we are stuck. In other words, we can move freely through space, but not through time. If we were capable of living in more than four dimensions, it’s conceivable that we would be able to move through time freely, as well, which raises all sorts of interesting questions.

Also, he notes that we have no idea what’s inside a black hole, so it’s fair game for fiction. Fun stuff! The more you know.

[h/t The Mary Sue]

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