25 Reasons Fitz From “Scandal” Just Needs To Be Killed Off Already

There are few TV characters as maligned as President Fitzgerald Grant of “Scandal,” a.k.a. the worst leader of the free world in television history. On top of being a childish, intolerant, sexist brat, he is also quickly becoming the most boring guy on the show. He never grows, he never changes, and neither does his dynamic with the people putting up with his antics. That gets old. After the jump, some reasons we’re hoping his lame whiny self gets killed off the show sooner or later.

1. He wants everything his way or no way.

2. He demands that Mellie be perfectly put together at every moment, even at times when he’s a huge flailing mess or when she’s, gee, I don’t know, grieving the death of her child.

3. He could care less about his job or about thinking beyond himself for the sake of his responsibility to protect the country.

4. He thinks he is entitled to Olivia. He busts into her life whenever he feels like it, calling her at 3 a.m. and treating her like a sex toy, then tries to put her back on the shelf when things get inconvenient.

5. He won’t let Mellie have an affair of her own with a man she actually loves, even though he feels he has the right to sleep with whoever he wants.

6. He wants Olivia single and on standby for his pleasure and makes frequent empty promises to her about their nonexistent future.

7. After his son’s death, he was more upset about Olivia leaving the country than about his son’s death.

8. He blames Olivia for everything that goes wrong in his personal life and for her not “being there” for him despite the fact that he never does the same for her. Olivia actually believes these guilt trips and seems to feel that it’s solely her fault whenever Fitz cries, has a tough time in life, or more recently, tries to kill himself.

9. He tries to give Olivia fuck me eyes 24/7, even at inappropriate times like during freakin’ cabinet meetings.

10. He hates the concept of Olivia having a boyfriend so much that he detains and beats the crap out of said boyfriend.

11. On that note, he is a brutish territorial creep who feels the need to punish Jake Ballard for taking the woman that is “his” and he’s way more upset at the idea of Jake dating Olivia than the idea of Jake killing his son.

12. He wasn’t even good enough to win the presidency on his own. When he found out the election was rigged, he pouted and blamed everyone for it instead of stepping up to prove he’s worthy of the job.

13. He still has magic hypnotic powers over Olivia despite having nothing to offer her.

14. He only wants women when he can’t have them.

15. He treats Abby like the scum of the earth and has zero respect for most of his subordinates, even though they’re the ones actually running the country while he pouts and drinks and has phone sex in the Oval Office.

16. He has zero interest in his kids but then berates Mellie for being a bad mom.

17. Stops doing whatever semblance of his job he’d been paying attention to the second he’s heartbroken.

18. He never learns a damn thing from his mistakes or experiences.

19. He only loves the idea of Olivia instead of Olivia herself, and only for who she is in relation to his own needs.

20. He called Mellie ornamental just to make her feel worthless even though she’s the one who does all the work in the White House.

21. Everyone around Fitz props him up and enables him to be the whiny brat that he’s become.

22. He sees the honor of running the United States as an annoying obstacle oppressing him in his quest to be Olivia’s happy Vermont house hubby (which, let’s be real, he’d get bored of in like two days).

23. He blames all of his mistakes on his daddy issues. Dude, not a good look at age 50.

24. He feels threatened whenever Mellie is thriving at anything and tries to squash it.

25. He is a black hole that sucks all the energy and potential out of the brilliant, talented people in his inner circle who are doing his job for him.