Sir Mix-A-Lot Reveals Which Celeb’s Booty Inspired “Baby Got Back”

Since the theme of the week seems to be Big Ass, it was only appropriate for Sir Mix-A-Lot to reveal which star’s derriere was the muse for perhaps the most famous booty song of all time, his greatest hit “Baby Got Back.”

In an exclusive interview with TMZ yesterday, the singer told us whose healthy butt inspired the 1992 ass anthem, and believe it or not, the tush he was admiring is STILL one of the most famous asses to this day. 

According to Mix-A-Lot, it was Jennifer Lopez’s butt that moved him to write the song. At the time, JLo was just a dancer on “In Living Color,” but over the years has become pretty well known for her exceptional rear. In fact, JLo and Iggy Azalea have a song out right now called “Booty” with a music video that pretty much explains EXACTLY why Sir Mix-A-Lot is a fan. Let us paint you a little picture…