Reality Star Diem Brown, 32, Loses Her Battle With Cancer

Reality star Diem Brown, 32, has died after her decade-long battle with cancer. Famous for appearing on MTV’s “Real World/Road Rules Challenge,” Diem was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer ten years ago, and became very vocal about her fight to live. In 2012, Diem was diagnosed again, this time the cancer was found in her stomach and colon and had spread to her lymph nodes and liver.

“I know I will be fine,” she tweeted at the time. “I beat Cancer once & I’m gonna do it again! I know God has a reason for every speed bump in life & I’m ready.”

In August, Diem defeated the disease again, only to be faced with more bad news several weeks later. Diem took a turn for the worse and opened up in October about her struggles.

“No matter what it is, you’re going to have the bad days, but if you have hope throughout, you won, no matter what the results,” she said. “Life is so beautiful. It’s my personal perspective that you live as hard and as vigorously as you can. My goals are something I believe in, because I believe I’m going to make it.”

Diem shared her journey in a blog on People. com and was an advocate for others fighting illnesses. She founded MedGift, a support registry for those suffering from illness, and will be dearly missed. Rest in peace, Diem. [People]