Armor And Weapons From “Game Of Thrones” Will Be On Display At The Met

MEGA cool: The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is going to be exhibiting the armor from “Game of Thrones” next month with an accompanying talk on arms and armaments featuring the series’ costume designer, Michele Clapton. She’ll be joined by post-minimalist artist Miya Ando and the Met’s curator in Arms and Armor, Pierre Terjanian.

(Have I mentioned before that a suit of armor belonging to an ancestor of mine is in the Met? Once upon a time the Viponds were barons; now we’re, y’know, writers. Well, anyway.)

The Song of Ice and Fire book series goes into a great deal of depth about the armor the characters wear — Gendry’s bull helm or the Hound’s hound helm; Jaime’s gold-plated armor and Loras Tyrell’s floral armor; the armor Tyrion has designed around his smaller-than-average body and the blue-enameled armor Brienne had designed for her female body. And the arms — Robert’s warhammer, Ned’s greatsword, Arya’s Needle. There’s the mythical Valyrian steel that never needs to be sharpened and might be capable of killing Others where conventional swords would not.

Suffice it to say, that is, George R. R. Martin’s creations provide plenty to talk about in terms of engineering, design, and utility alike. Another fun fact: There’s a website that sells licensed Game of Thrones-inspired armor. I can haz warhammer? Yes pleez. Don’t bring that kind of thing to the Met, though, I’m pretty sure they’ll make you check it.


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[Image via Winter Is Coming]

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