Watch “Crib In My Pants”: One Man’s Journey To Make His “Place” More Inviting

Step aside, Taylor Swift, because your “Blank Space” video just became old news now that Schick’s “Crib In My Pants” video has arrived.

To advertise the new Schick Hydro Groomer men’s razor, the brand teamed up with JWT New York to create a music video that takes us through one manscaper’s quest to make the “crib in his pants” more alluring to the ladies. Complete with testimonial interludes from girlfriends of the past and present, we can see the “renovations” taking place before our eyes, all to the soothing sounds of a beautiful ballad.

To give you a little taste of what you can expect, here’s one of my favorite verses from “Crib In My Pants”:

I know y’all tripped on my bearskin rug/
But soon it will be fine-polished wood and ready for love/
I get it, girls, fixer uppers ain’t your thing/
So I’m renovating the North, East, West and South wings/
So Puuuleeeeasee, ladies, come back.

If that’s not lyrical genius, I don’t know what is. Also, I have no use for a Schick Hydro Groomer, but this has convinced me to buy one in case I one day find a man who could use a new floor plan, if you know what I mean…

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