The Toy Box: Diamonds (That Vibrate) Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Since I don’t plan on being proposed to any time soon, this glam, diamond-shaped vibrator is the next best thing. Okay, it’s actually probably better.

The Twenty One Vibrating Diamond, released this week by Bijoux Indiscrets, is a luxury pleasure toy “crafted for precise stimulation across the body.” With 7 different patterns and 3 vibration intensities, it’s great for body massages or very intense personal stimulation for her. Really, it’s just pretty to look at, so the fact that it gets you off is just a bonus. I bet the one on your finger can’t do that…

So how does it work? The side surface stimulates the labia and clitoris at the same time. The top, flat surface stimulates the labia, vulva, and any other erogenous zones on the body, and the rounded edge stimulates the clitoris with precision, and the entrance of the vagina. Also, it’s the perfect size to show your significant other what you expect in a diamond when it comes time for you to get engaged. (I kid, I kid.)

After learning that the Twenty One is Bijoux Indiscrets’ first-ever pleasure toy, I was curious about some of their other intimate offerings and found some pretty cool products on their website: orgasm enhancer balm, a metallic mesh gold collar, and oral pleasure arousal lip gloss, to name a few. Their inventory is definitely worth checking out, in my opinion.

Soon, we’ll be able to report back and let you know what we thought of the Twenty One, but if you’re an eager beaver (heh) and can’t wait, you can get yours here for sixty bucks!