Amanda Seyfried Went To Her First Basketball Game With Taylor Swift, Said Once Was Enough

Apparently Taylor Swift needs to up her game as New York City’s Global Welcome Ambassador, because Amanda Seyfried was not impressed. The “Mean Girls” actress, who attended her first-ever basketball game last night, sat courtside with her boyfriend Justin Long, Taylor Swift, Kate Upton, Justin Verlander and Howard Stern, amongst others, to watch the New York Knicks lose to the Orlando Magic, 3-6.

Although Taylor was chatting it up with the couple the whole night and the trio were even featured on the big screen at one point, Amanda decided it wasn’t for her and decided to throw in the towel for good (which perhaps the Knicks should consider, given their record). Basketball is apparently not her thing. Or maybe it was Taylor…we’ll never know. But we do have an amazing clip to show for it.

After the game, Jill Martin interviewed Amanda and Justin for “A New York Minute,” and Amanda did NOT sugar coat her feelings toward her first b-ball experience: “First time at a basketball game. I don’t need to come back.” HAAAAA.

It’s possible Amanda just wasn’t a fan of the sport or didn’t like the fact that the Knicks lost. Who knows, maybe the concession folks at MSG put a fingernail in her drink or something— but whatever it was, she certainly didn’t seem to be having that terrible of a time in Taylor Swift’s Instagram pic. Sigh… what I wouldn’t do to be the fifth blonde in this photo.

Taylor Swift's Instagram Photo