32 Things About Cold Weather That Don’t Suck

In case I haven’t complained about it loudly enough lately, I (and most of the Frisky staff) really hate winter. Another polar vortex is threatening to descend upon us here in New York and in several other unfortunate parts of the US, and when those 10-degree days set in, it’s hard not to feel like your life is pretty much over for the next 4-6 months. I refuse to waste roughly half of my life being personally offended by the damn weather without at least trying to embrace it for once. After the jump, a few simple things that make cold weather a little more joyful.

1. Warm cups of coffee and tea

2. Christmas lights

3. No pedicure upkeep and full freedom to wear mismatched socks under your boots

4. Snow days

5. All the leggings and tights

6. Knitting/crocheting comfy scarves and blankets

7. Catching up on Netflix movies

8. Cuddling with anyone and everyone

9. Winter boyfriends

10. An excuse to never leave the house

11. Lots of indoor time for introspection

12. Flannels

13. Red wine and “Scandal” all night every night

14. Hot baths

15. Crock pots

16. Lethargy becoming socially acceptable

17. Houndstooth

18. Turkey comas

19.  Friend hangouts all cooped up indoors, which means more long talks and bonding

20. Those key remotes that start heating up your car before you even go outside

21. Cute winter coats

22. The holiday decorations at the mall (sans the crowds)

23. Pretty little snowflakes that land on your cheeks

24. Ice skating

25. Seamless

26. Pie

27. Hot chocolate

28. Chunky sweaters for days

29. Your beach vacation Pinterest board

30. Cute slippers

31. Hot toddies

32. Fireplaces

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