Katy Perry Talks Depression

“I wanted to share that side of my story, because I know there are so many other people out there that have gone through things like that, and you always feel like you’re the only one going through that. You walk out the door, and you see someone you know, and they ask you how you are, and you just have to say you’re fine when you’re not really fine, but you just can’t get into it, because they would never understand. Well, then comes along a song that speaks to you, that makes you feel like ‘Gosh, I can get through this if she can get through this, I can get through this.’”

Katy Perry got real about the lyrics to her song “By the Grace of God” in an Australian TV appearance. The lyrics allude to contemplating suicide, and Perry confirmed that she really did experience those feelings. After her divorce from Russell Brand she struggled with depression, and I love her reasoning for being open about that in her music. At our lowest moments in life, it’s so easy to feel like we’re completely isolated. I’m so glad Perry uses her platform to remind others that they aren’t alone. Music can be a life changer when we need it most. [Refinery 29]