Best Etsy Artist Ever Repurposes Thrift Store Art With Geeky Pop Culture References

Dave Pollot must be the happiest Etsy seller on Etsy today: art and tech blog Laughing Squid found his store earlier this year, but their post on his newly updated and expanded selection of thrift store paintings has gotten picked up by a rash of pop culture blogs today. I’m happy to contribute to that, because his paintings are fucking awesome.

Pollot explains that his wife loves to thrift, and one day, passing some paintings, he remarked that it would be funny to put a monster or an alien into one of them. He continues:

“At first, I painted exclusively generic monsters and robots, but as time went on, I’d look at a painting and think, ‘Oh, that really needs to have the Millennium Falcon in it,’ or that ‘Vigo the Carpathian is really missing from this picture.'”

This is obviously a man whose thinking I can really appreciate.

The original paintings are available, as are various sizes of prints. You can purchase them on Pollot’s Etsy store, here.


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[Images via Dave Pollot]

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