This Is Easily The Most Disturbing Toy Ever Created

Disclaimer: This story is all kinds of NOPE.

When Nicole Allen made her way into a local Dollar Store to buy a small surprise for her daughter, she got more than she bargained for when she found a toy fairy wand called “Evilstick.” The wand is supposed to play music and invoke happy thoughts, which is exactly what the pretty, pink packaging and fairy wrapping led Nicole to believe. After buying the toy and taking it home to her daughter, Nicole peeled back the foil at the head of the “wand” to find something more fucked up than an entire aisle of creepy Tickle Me Elmos: an actual photo of a girl covered in blood and slitting her own wrists with a kitchen knife. 

But this wasn’t an isolated incident: all of the “Evilsticks” include the same image inside. The Evilstick was apparently nestled in the children’s toy section right between the Barbie dolls and the baby dolls, and gave customers no indication (aside from its name) that it’s in first-place for The World’s Most Disturbing Toy Award. Oh, and the “music” it’s supposed to play is actually an evil, haunting laugh, which I can only presume is coming from the sick fuck who thought to actually create such a thing for children.

When a local newscaster confronted the store manager about the wand, he actually DEFENDED his decision to sell the toy, claiming “parents need to pay more attention to what they’re buying for their children.” He also seems to think that the wrist-slitting demon wand is actually appropriate for kids. Why not give them a package of razor blades, too, while you’re at it?! That’ll really make for a fun Saturday!

Though the store owner says he wouldn’t buy the toy for his toddler, “for a 5, 6, 7, 10 year old… I mean, they see that on TV every day.” He plans to keep selling the toy until he gets a direct complaint from a customer… or, you know, until the demon child from the wand comes to haunt him. [The Independent]