Thank Me Later: I’ve Found The Solution To Your Holiday Gifting Dilemmas

Every year in the beginning of November, I start panicking about the upcoming holidays and all of the presents I need to get. I have a particularly large family with some especially difficult characters to buy for (and I can only purchase so many checkout aisle tchotchkes), so I usually find myself wandering the ravaged aisles of Target and Marshall’s on Christmas day looking for last-minute gifts. Not this year, my friends… not this year. 

I was recently introduced to Sesame, a company that creates gift boxes each themed to a specific experience. Whether I need to find something for my mom, boss or mailman, there’s something for everyone, even my pickiest sister who only eats cereal and refuses to try anything new. From “The Great Outdoors” kit, which features unique accessories for camping enthusiasts to “Sushi Sous-Chef” a sushi slicing play set and stickers for children, gift sets start at only $10 and are delivered directly to your recipient’s doorstep. New gifts are added each month, and are curated by both experts and customers who handpick which themes and products would make a great set. No aisle-wandering or anxiety-driven Xanax consumption necessary.

Check out all of Sesame’s sets here, or download the app to check out their loot right on your phone. Also, in case anybody’s wondering, I would like “The Perfect Pairing” gift box so I can drink myself through the New Year whilst eating the appropriate cheeses, k thanks.