The Soapbox: Let’s Cockblock Julien Blanc & The Other PUA Creeps From Real Social Dynamics

Hey losers, I know you have copied my look with the carefully groomed hipster beard and the t-shirt and manufactured rips in my jeans, but you’re not me. You don’t have the balls to be me. You also don’t have what it takes to get as much pussy as I do, so I am going to take that money you earned from your shitty job and teach you how to treat women like dogs who will come begging for some cock. You will never be as good as me, but you can become part of my inner circle for only $360 a year.

You can also attend one of our five-day boot camps for only $2995. Isn’t it worth that amount of money to get fucked by women who are out of your league? Who cares if you are ugly, stupid and boring, you can get laid with our techniques, and as a bonus, we teach you how to get back at all of those whores who rejected you by luring them in. I’m just pimping my game, and I have to take a lot of flak for that from some feminist bitches, but it’s worth it.

This is the pretty much the philosophy for a circle jerk where guys are taught that lying, insulting and abusing women is the way to get inside of their vagina. I’ve just compressed pages and pages of articles, comments and videos such as “God Is On My Side: Intense Self-Amusement Tactics That Will Let You Choke Girls For Fun” by Julien Blanc into the above two paragraphs.

This is nothing new. Guys Julien Blanc isn’t the only one teaching guys to get lucky using pick-up artist (PUA) ploys. Blanc is only one instructor of the PUA group Real Social Dynamics, although he is arguably the worst. His lookalike buddy Owen likes to call himself Tyler Durden (a character in “Fight Club”) when he is on “game.” He struts around the stage like he is some kind of superstar because he has convinced some lost souls that he is the guru of getting laid. RS Nation has 142046 members.

Then, of course, there’s Neil Strauss, author of The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists, who was particularly fond of a tactic called “negging,” which entails mildly insulting a woman to lower her confidence and thus make her more susceptible to a PUA’s advances.  Strauss may now be married, but he still puts on workshops or boot camps teaching men how to pick up women. Strauss was a protégé of Erik von Markovik aka Mystery, another narcissistic douchebag, who actually managed to have a TV show on VH1 for awhile. Yuck.

I feel bad for guys who are shy and don’t know how to approach a woman. It’s a lot of pressure. Maybe they are so desperate that they are willing to shell out money to someone with no credentials other than an ability to talk bullshit. These courses encourage customers to go after the “hottest” women, or just add notches on their bedpost or belt. Blanc even alleged how he uses his belt to beat women on his Twitter, along with statements like this: “Dear girls, could you please save me the effort and roofie your own drink?”

He also used the hashtag #ChokingGirlsAroundTheWorld to promote his seminars. Blanc’s Twitter and Instagram feeds are no longer public.

Blanc has taken the ploy of treating women like shit to a whole new level. Thanks to a successful social media campaign, the Australian government recently canceled Blanc’s Visa.

Jennifer Li, of Washington, D.C. started #takedownjulienblanc and petition which has already gathered over 40,000 on Women around the globe are picking up the call and urging their governments to deny Blanc entry. The latest news is that Blanc has been banned from the UK and activists are currently trying to keep him out of Canada. RS Nation has boot camps, free seminars and other workshops booked well into next year, all around the globe. We must urge the hotels that are renting space for these seminars to cancel their contracts.

The less than average guys who run these courses seem to think they have some kind of charisma, when in reality they are using cheap psychology tricks on women who don’t realize they are being played. PUAs wouldn’t be able to sell these services if they didn’t find women who fell for their bullshit. They take their customers to clubs and demonstrate their techniques on live, mostly inebriated women. Don’t get played as a target by these creeps. If a man’s opening lines make you feel uncomfortable, walk away. Don’t let a man use manipulative techniques to get your attention, such as putting you down, touching you without asking or asking you stupid questions, like one that Blanc recommends: “Do you like cock?” You know what the answer should be. Cockblock that business. Women want to get laid too, but do you really want to be counted as a bragging right for some asshole who “learned” what to say and how to say it to get you into bed?

And if any guys read this, please save your money. There is no secret. If you fork over your dough and fall for the hype surrounding PUAs like Blanc, well, you just look stupid and unfuckable.