Some Thoughts On The Jackass Brawl On The F Train

Some quick reactions to the video going viral showing a brawl on NYC’s F Train:

  • OMG, shut up, humanity.
  • Pause at 1:36 and see if you don’t laugh your ass off at that viral video opportunist.
  • Seriously, though, a trapper hat? That’s style that deserves to be dissed.
  • That being said: It is not right to hit anybody, ever, but selling this as “guy slaps girl” takes the whole video out of context, doesn’t it? Like, how much can you antagonize people and smack their belongings out of their hands and just not expect them to react in kind? Everyone involved here is a jackass, including Camera Guy. Trapper Hat just happens to be the biggest jackass of the group.
  • I swear to god, if I see one more video of chicks brawling by hitting people with the object in their hand rather than with their hands, my face might melt right off my head. That is just inefficient fighting.
  • I’m just going to put this out there now, just incase some troll swings by to say something stupid pertaining to the fact that these individuals are black (in fact, it’s already present in the YouTube comments): Like I haven’t seen this same jackass behavior amongst white frat boys and their white, Ugg-wearing girlfriends in Wrigleyville about a thousand times in my life. Two words: Woodstock ‘99. Just don’t go there.

If this is an omen for the rest of the week I might just go back to bed. Yeesh. [Gawker]

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