This Parody Of NPR’s “Serial” Podcast Is More Amazing Than Adnan Syed’s Pubescent Mustache*

Okay, first off, are you listening to NPR’s “Serial” podcast? If not, I need you to stop what you’re doing — yes, stop reading this post — and download all seven episodes so far, clear your schedule tomorrow to listen to them all and get with the goddamn program, because it is AMAZING. (In this first season, host Sarah Koennig walks through the timeline of a crime that occurred in 1999, telling the story of how a high school student was murdered and her ex-boyfriend, the Adnan Syed referred to in the title of this post, was convicted of the crime — which he maintains to this day that he did not commit.)

Anyway, as any “Serial” fan knows, it’s basically agony waiting for each week’s new episode; I’ve resorted to listening to podcasts about “Serial” to get my fix. But now we have something else to distract us while we wait. Comedians Will Stephen, Zach Cherry, and Paul Laudiero have made a series of short parody episodes, poking goodhearted fun at Koennig’s storytelling and investigating approach, asking really probing questions about tiny, minute details of the case. Will Stephen does a dead-on Koennig impression. “What is a Best Buy? What makes its buys the best? Maybe it was time to do a little digging…” Listen above, and check out a few more after the jump!

* Here is Adnan’s pubescent mustache, which is also pretty amazing.

[h/t Buzzfeed]