Pigskins & Zodiac Signs: The Astrological Lowdown On Your Fave Quarterbacks From Each Sign’s Playbook

Quarterbacks get most of the glory in victory, as well as the shame in losing. Yes, the pressure is on the QB to lead the team and be a superstar. Of course, not all quarterbacks are the same and through astrology, we can better understand how each sign takes on the competition to seize the win.

Aries: As the sign of war, aggression, military and pride, Aries are blunt in competition. They play hard, go strong and use muscle and stealth like machines. They take the field with glaring confidence, using fear as a tactic. When it comes to sportsmanship, they rule it. However, as a fire sign, they do have a low-snapping point — if they feel up against a wall, there’s no accounting for the moves they’ll pull.

Aries QB: Peyton Manning (Denver Broncos)

Taurus: Taurus’s motto in life and love is “slow, but steady wins the race.” They work harder and play the hardest. Stamina is their gift and they use that ability to wear out others in their quest to dominate. Unlike others that like to play to a crowd, Taurus is a team player and will always use his dynamic abilities that apply best to his entire team.

Taurus QB: Jay Cutler (Chicago Bears)

Gemini: Gemini’s energy is so wild, there is no predicting how they will attack. They tend to be playful in style and will use mind games to gain the upper hand. Psyching out their opponents is part of their repertoire, which is usually compensating for what they lack in physical power. They love to lead opponents on, and then switch course at an unexpected moment to snatch the lead. It’s their goal to prove they are the smartest. However, their plays tend to be quick, as they’re at their best when they are thinking fast on their feet. (Fun fact: there are hardly any Gemini QBs in the NFL.)

Gemini QB: Austin Davis (St. Louis Rams)

Cancer: Famous for their moodiness, Cancer are moon children and their athletes will use their intuition and slink into the background — you might not even notice them. Then, out of left field, they will make their move. Their favorite style to do most things: blindsiding. However, as the ruler of security, they’ll have their defensive team working harder than most and they tend to be very safe, which means you can see what they’re aiming for by how well they protect themselves.

Cancer QB: Ryan Tannehill (Miami Dolphins)

Leo: Everybody knows Leo is the star of the zodiac, the one that lives for all eyes on him. Leos love putting on a show and are cocky by nature, with their ego being both their biggest enemy and fan. Despite being part of a team, they always want the prime role and to feel like the leader. Expect all plays to center around him, where he is the hero. And trust that he always has a victory speech ready to go.

Leo QB: Tom Brady (New England Patriots)

Virgo: Mercurial by nature, Virgos have sharp instincts and can ignore emotion when necessary. When they see an obstacle, they are practical and precise about dealing with it. They organize innately and tend to use the same routines to accomplish their goals. Also, they’ll spend time studying their opponents’ play, finding weak spots and plotting ways to hit ‘em where it hurts. Brains and then brawn is their route to victory.

Virgo QB: Andrew Luck (Indianapolis Colts)

Libra: Libras are not competitive by nature, unless it’s in pursuit of justice. Thankfully, they have a team mentality and believe they are only as good as the people around them. They will always prefer having a consistent partner, as they subscribe to the “two heads are better than one” philosophy for everything. To get the upper hand on this quarterback, watch what his “right-hand man” is doing.

Libra QB: Geno Smith (NY Jets)

Scorpio: Vision is what guides a Scorpio and their persistence and determination are legendary. Even if one minute of hope is all that remains, Scorpio will go at it as if it were the first minute of the game. Serious, intense and ready to move mountains when they have to, they always operate from a life or death perspective. In competition, sleight of hand is a trick they love and mystery is part of their mayhem. Unpredictable tactics and supernatural power are always included in their gameplay.

Scorpio QB: Colin Kaepernick (San Francisco 49ers)

Sagittarius: As the official rulers of competition, Sagittarians don’t ever believe they are going to lose. They run on hope and the centaur is their symbol, which makes them strong runners and warriors. They bring an extra intense physicality to the game and approach competition like a wild predator on the hunt.

Sagittarius QB: Russell Carrington Wilson (Seattle Seahawks)

Capricorn: Capricorns believe in hierarchies and they respect others accordingly, in terms of rank. There is professionalism with Caps like no other and they tend to like using tried-and-true methods to get their points across. Their relationship to their coach is everything, as approval from authority motivates them. Also, they tend to get better with age.

Capricorn QB: Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints)

Aquarius: Eccentric to the bone, an Aquarian on the field will mean seeing a lot of new things, in terms of strategies, plays and group effort. They are the sign of humanity and live to work together for a greater cause, which means they will be more likely to call in an under-used player or project hope in underdog situations. They tend to be unconventional in how they approach obstacles and are good at rallying their team.

Aquarius QB: Robert Lee Griffin III (Washington Redskins)

Pisces: Pisces only know two ways of feeling and that’s all the way up or all the way down. They need momentum to build, as they have to feel out a scenario before deciding they will deal with it. Yes, they need to be in the moment to know how they will respond, no matter how detailed a plan they may arrive with. If they can’t get good footing early on, they will mudslide into disaster and clumsiness. However, Pisces’ sixth sense, when on, is infallible.

Pisces QB: Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers)

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