The George Lucas Museum Of Narrative Art Is Reason #5,683,820 You All Should Be Living In Chicago

I keep telling people to move to Chicago, but they keep giving me excuses not to (like having “jobs” elsewhere — whatever). Reason number 5,683,820 to move to Chicago: The George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. San Francisco turned it down and now their mayor is all pouty about the fact that Lucas chose Chicago, because we offered a prime piece of land on the lakefront near our biggest convention center, Soldier Field, and the museum campus that includes the aquarium, the planetarium, and our museum of natural history. That’s what you get, San Francisco; that’s what you get.

Anyway, the museum is going to have some Lucas memorabilia, but is truly a more general museum of storytelling, basically, and will house artifacts like Norman Rockwell’s artwork and MAD Magazine cover artwork. The museum building itself is supposed to synthesize organically with the park around it and looks BAD ASS — I know there are plenty of people who hate “weird” architecture, but Chicago boasts such a huge variety of architecture that, ultimately, this mountain-shaped, tentacled structure will end up blending right in.

For art nerds, this is pretty dreamy — Chicago’s Art Institute, Museum of Contemporary Art, and National Museum of Mexican Art are the only freestanding (i.e. not university-affiliated) art museums we have, which is a damn shame, and they’re far enough apart that it’s not easy to make a day trip of museum touring. The more, the better! Having a museum dedicated to pop cultural artifacts sounds amazing.

So how many times do I have to reiterate how cool this city is before y’all come visit/move here for life? SHEESH. Gizmodo has more concept art for the museum plus interview excerpts with the architect, Ma Yansong, so go on and see what you’ll be missing.


[Image via Gizmodo]

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