The Best Tweets Of #ReaderGate (So Far)

Writer Tauriq Moosa tweeted out a link to a conversation he’d had about PS4 specs and firmware versus XBox One on a gaming web site, saying, “at least this is back to boring console dick measurements — not yelling about women.” A follower tweeted back to him wondering what it would look like if #GamerGate had happened to the publishing industry, and from there #ReaderGate was spawned and hilarity ensued.

#ReaderGate tweeters are riffing on a familiar themes from #GamerGate: That “it’s about ethics in journalism” rather than a misogynistic attempt to shame women for sexuality; that the form was better before SJWs started inserting politics into it; and demanding “objective reviews.” There are even references to “based mom,” which is what Gaters have been calling anti-feminist who calls herself feminist Christina Hoff Sommers (ReaderGate equivalent: “Based Maugham” LOLOLOLOL), the completely incomprehensible graphics Gaters have provided to “prove” they’re right, and #NotYourShield (#NotYourEditor).

Here are some of the best tweets of #ReaderGate so far. God, the internet was so much better before people started injecting their politics into it!

[Image via Twitter]

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