The Auckland Version Of The Street Harassment Video Is Just Kind Of Boring

Can this video be my life? This is awesome. The New Zealand Herald hired model Nicola Simpson to recreate the Hollaback street harassment video by walking around Auckland for 10 hours and filming it.

The result? Well, nothing. The time went by and Simpson was left, by and large, to go about her business. One man made a serious, concerted effort to talk to her in order to tell her she looked nice (and also ask her if she was Italian) and then apologized for stopping her, and another asked her for directions. That’s it.

So, there’s that notion people have to justify street harassment that says that it’s “just polite” to talk to strangers and give them “compliments” all day long. Does it strike anyone as if the people Simpson passes in this video are rude? The men who do talk to her are polite — the guy who told her she looked nice was kind of aggressive, but at least he apologized for taking up her time, and the other was just asking for directions. As for everyone else, is it actually rude not to needlessly insert yourself into someone else’s life?

This is my dream: Walking around, not being bothered. Maybe I should move to Auckland. Or maybe people here can start getting a clue about what actually constitutes being polite.


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