RIP Society: Woman Invents Motion-Sensing Mobile So Babies Can Post Selfies From Their Cribs

For those of you whose Facebook news feeds have become bombarded with photos of your friends’ babies, this is not good news for you. A design student in the Netherlands has just come up with perhaps the most invasive technology ever, sure to make baby’s first words be “I hate you, mama.”

New Born Fame, designed by Laura Cornet, is a motion-sensing mobile made for a baby’s crib that snaps photos of the child every time he or she moves, and posts them to social media once the baby reaches for them. The mobile consists of several stuffed, plush toys, some of which are social media icons like the famous Twitter bird and the Facebook “F.” There’s even a pair of soft baby sneakers that have an internal pedometer to track the baby’s kicks. You know… in case you’re concerned he won’t have what it takes to make the Olympic soccer team.

Cornet designed the mobile because modern babies are “the first to be brought up by parents who grew up with Facebook.” For starters, her timeline is a little off unless the parents she speaks of are 15-years-old. Also, this seems like it could be pretty embarrassing during impromptu projectile pooping and spit-up situations. Thankfully, New Born Fame isn’t on the market yet (and I dread the day is comes.) [Daily Mail]