Meet Caroline: The Coolest Copy Editor To Ever Grace A College Campus

Call me crazy, but I feel like Caroline and I are destined to be best friends. A current student who’s looking for some extra cash money, Caroline is offering her services as a copywriter to any of her peers who need their papers “not to suck.” One redditor posted this flyer of Caroline’s ad, which is everything I’ve ever dreamed of seeing stapled to a telephone pole, surrounded by Domino’s Pizza coupons and flyers for house parties. Yes, that is a real photo of Caroline and her beloved cat, and no, she’s not as mean as she seems in real life (so she says). After the jump, check out the rest of her virtually perfect flyer, free of any and all grammatical and punctuation errors. If only the flyer included her contact information so we could correct people’s spelling mistakes and grow old together. Sigh. [HappyPlace]

Meet Caroline: The Coolest Copyeditor To Ever Grace A College Campus