Congrats To The Soon-To-Be Mrs. Cumberbatch, But I’m Not Apologizing For My Impure Thoughts About Her Future Husband

Benedict Cumberbatch is getting married to an apparently incredibly talented, Samuel Beckett Award-winning theatre writer and director named Sophie Hunter. Well SHOOT. Since when was he even involved with anyone? He disappeared his love life like Sherlock disappeared himself at the end of season two (come on, you know that’s not a spoiler).

Instead of getting all irritated about it (whatever, I’ve got a real-life boyfriend), I’m going to list five badass things this woman has done (according to Wikipedia)…

  1. Graduated from Oxford

  2. Studied avant-garde theater in Paris

  3. Founded a theatre company

  4. Worked in marionette puppetry production

  5. Worked in theatre production on four different continents

So it’s kind of like Amal Alamuddin, where by all rational measures this popularly unknown woman is actually way, way more accomplished than the man she’s getting married to whose sudden lack of singledom is going to be bemoaned by women the world over. Good for her! Good for him! I’ll just fangirl over them both, shoot. That being said, I make no apologies about my impure dragon porn-related thoughts about her husband-to-be. I’m sure she understands.

The cutest thing about it is that they actually published an announcement in the newspaper.




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