Celebs Who Reclaim The “Basic” Look With Their Own Stylish Twist

It’s pretty clear that just about all of us have an inner basic bitch, whether she’s hiding deep within our heart or on display right on the sleeve of our North Face fleece. So if we’re all a little bit basic, why is it something to be ridiculed? When rocked a certain way, “basic” sartorial choices can look really chic — and maybe that’s why they’re so popular in the first place. Plenty of celebs seem to feel the same way and have no problem putting a sexy, stylish twist on their ensembles of leggings, top knots, infinity scarves, yoga pants, ballet flats, North Face jackets, Uggs and Starbucks cups — and they look damn good doing it. Click through for a few celebs who are happy to prove that dressing like an alleged “basic” can be a winning choice.