11 Signs You’re Cohabiting With A Sick Person (In GIFs)

It’s cold and flu season, which means all of Influenza’s horrible distant relatives will soon show up en masse: Chills, Fever, Sneezes, Sniffles (and yes, I’m aware they sound like cheesy eighties nicknames). Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who hasn’t yet fallen victim to the misery, living with a sick person can be just as draining. Here are a few ways to know if you’re cohabiting with one, despite their many attempts to tell you through a completely snot-filled nose “I’m dyingggg.”

Tissue Mountains

1. Tissue Mountains: On the floor and bedside table, in the garbage can, and in a trail down the hallway like the viral breadcrumbs of a very ill Hanzel or Gretel.

Drugs Everywhere

2. Drugs Everywhere: You can’t turn the corner without finding a rogue bottle of NyQuil, nose spray, Mucinex or Vicks VapoRub.

Strange Noises

3. Strange Noises: No, that high-pitched squeaking noise is not a tea kettle. It’s the sound of your significant other attempting to breathe out of his or her nose. And that dog barking? That’s mucus coming up.

Sink Avalanche

4. Sink Avalanche: Don’t expect them to be able to eat soup from a bowl, drink tea from a mug and cough phlegm up into a plastic cup AND wash it. Warning: This will be a disgusting sight.

No More TP

5. No More TP: Every time you restock the toilet paper, it’s gone again because Sicky McGee has used it all to blow his/her nose.

Misery Weeps

6. Misery Weeps: You can’t even hear the answers to “Jeopardy” through all the woe-is-me moans and cries coming from the bedroom.


7. Demands: Suddenly your name is “SOUP, I NEED SOUPPP.”

Sticky Residue

8. Sticky Residue: There’s Emergen-C residue in all of your cups even after you’ve washed them, orange cough syrup rings on your dresser and something unknown on the bathroom counter.

You've Memorized Law and Order Theme

9. You’ve Memorized The “Law & Order” Theme Song: They’re bedridden, which means they have L&O on a loop all day long, even during their naps. The theme song has seeped into a dark place in your subconscious.

Darth Vader Invasion

10. Darth Vader Invasion: Heavy mouth breathing is the only thing you hear when everything else in the world is silent.

A Stale Smell

11. A Stale Smell: You’re not entirely sure if it’s bad breath, body odor or various bodily fluids, but your bedroom smells like your grandparent’s house.

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