Eva Longoria Talks Workplace Sexism

“People tend to put women in boxes: She’s sexy, she’s ambitious, she’s smart, she’s a mom … but women are complex, and we are always underestimated. Women are all of those things at the same time…There’s a conversation to be had on stages like this or world stages, about gender rules and women’s identity. How can we be all those things? Sheryl Sandberg’s book talks about those things – ‘Women can have it all!’ – and I’ve been told that, but women can’t have it all at the same time…I think traditionally, the sexism in these fields is still prevalent. I did my masters thesis specifically on Latino women in STEM fields, and I found a lot of them were discouraged even to this day from going into these fields. I want to challenge all the women here today to become mentors to young women, and show them the way, and show them your path. Because without mentors, the system does not work.”

The ever wise Eva Longoria is at the Dublin Web Summit conference this week, where she’s been speaking about her philanthropic endeavors, or as she calls it, philanthro-preneurship. She was interviewed by Jemima Khan and expressed her concern for young women succeeding in tech careers. Longoria’s on a mission to open up STEM fields to more talented women, and encourages all of us ladies to help each other get there. The actress also discussed Hollywood’s ageist attitude toward female stars. Longoria feels that one of the biggest reasons for the film biz’s mistreatment of actresses is the lack of women working behind the camera to produce and write and direct (and I happen to agree with her), and she’s involved herself in directing and producing lately to help combat that. It’s such a pleasant surprise to see a celeb using their influence and wealth for good! [Guardian UK] [Image via AKM-GSI]