Artist Adds Her Image Into Her Mom’s Childhood Photos To Imagine Them As BFFs

Portland art director Danielle Delph questioned whether she’d have been friends with her mother if they’d grown up together and what that might have looked like, so she Photoshopped herself into pictures of her mom’s childhood. Her photo series If I Had Known My Mother Back Then depicts her and her mother hanging out as toddlers, teenagers and everything in between. On her website, she ponders:

“I’ve always wondered if my mom and I would have been friends had we grown up together. Would we be in the same classes? Would we have the same sense of humor? Would people tell us we’re inseparable? After seeing myself in her childhood photos, I’m pretty sure we would have been great friends.”

The pictures look as authentic and natural as any photo of childhood BFFs and give me all kinds of warm fuzzies about the magic of female friendship. The cheerful photos will make you eager to know what your own mom was like before you came along and maybe even prompt you to give your best friend a big hug. Below, two of my favorites. Head over to Delph’s website to see the full series!

Danielle Delph

Danielle Delph

[My Modern Met] [Image via Danielle Delph]