Want: This IDGAF Art For Charity

I love the versatility of the word fuck. Most people who know me have learned to embrace my potty mouth rather than scold me for it, which is probably why my coworker Sophie immediately thought of me when she saw this “I Don’t Give A Fuck” neon artwork which is currently being auctioned off for charity…and a children’s charity, no less. Heh. 

Rachel Lee Hovnanian, a multimedia artist who interrogates the themes of beauty, wealth and technology, has come up with a new neon word installation commenting on feminism, relationships and intimacy. This awesome piece, titled IDGAF, is currently up for auction, with proceeds benefiting the Children’s Museum of the Arts (because nothing honors the kids quite like a good f-bomb). At an estimated retail value of $6,500, the starting bid for the artwork is $3,500, which is still a wee bit too expensive for me, but maybe not for some of you other folks who feel “fuck” is a linguistic treasure.

I guess the vacant spot over my mantel will be staying that way, at least until Rachel comes up with a $20 poster version of IDGAF, in which case I’m fucking IN.