Life Dream Status: Not Having An E-Mail Address

Imagine how much coordination goes into Christopher Nolan’s movies. People are saying that Interstellar is the most expansive Nolan film yet. Go ahead and take a look at the full cast and crew on IMDB: It’s hundreds and hundreds of people who Nolan oversees and organizes.

Now realize this: Christopher Nolan doesn’t have an e-mail address.


To be clear, he does get e-mail through his personal assistant, who prints out the most important e-mails for Nolan to read. But imagine your life sans e-mail: No junk mail, no interruptions to your mental flow, no feeling beholden to answer people all day, no avoiding answering e-mails but having them sit in your inbox, quietly judging you. Basically, no having to be available at any time. The tyranny of technology is that most of us can’t afford to do that – if we have or need jobs, we must be available for everyone, always. Most of the time, in order to have relationships (romantic or otherwise), we must be available, always.

But oh man. That analog life. No wonder Nolan creates the way he does: He outsources his distractions to someone else. (Side note: I really hope he’s a personable, kind employer, because that job has to be rough.) That’s more hardcore than George R. R. Martin writing in DOS.

For us 99%ers, though, the next best thing is probably internet blocking apps. SelfControl, for example, is a free Mac app that will block however much of the Internet you need to block for a time period you specify, even if you try to uninstall the app, and even if you reboot your computer. You’ll still have to deal with your e-mail pileup once the time period is over, but at least it’s a way to cultivate space in your life that’s dedicated to long projects.


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