Beyoncé Might Be Dropping A New Album This Month (Or Someone Might Be Toying With Our Emotions)

A photo of a Columbia Records/Parkwood Entertainment memo with a track list and release date for a second secret Beyoncé album has been floating around Twitter and PLEASE GOD LET THIS BE REAL.

The rumored album would be Beyoncé Vol. II, and it would be sold coupled with last year’s Beyoncé. The memo mentions a 4-disc set that would include both albums, 28 music videos (18 from the first volume and 10 new videos), a DVD of the Mrs. Carter Tour, and a DVD of the “On the Run Tour” live from Paris. The release date is set for November 14 for iTunes and November 25 for physical copies.

The new volume would include the “***Flawless” remix featuring Nicki Minaj plus a new track with Nicki titled “DONK,” as well as tracks featuring Justin Timberlake and Rihanna. If this is really happening, it would explain why Nicki Minaj’s new album’s release date was pushed back from November to December.

Two things that stand out to me: First, one new track would be titled “Good in Goodbye,” which is both a lyric from “Best Thing I Never Had” (from her album 4) and a Carrie Underwood song; second, another song is “Fashion,” andon the supremely unlikely off-chance that that’s a David Bowie cover, well, I’d be wrecked for music forever.

It wouldn’t be hard to mock this memo up in Word or anything, but myself, I dunno, I’m just gonna keep hoping. It’s not quite the Bey-Z collab I was Bey-dancing for in my head, but it’s not like I’m gonna be upset for more Beyoncé. [Huffington Post]